Review & Radio Play

Beyond The Green Wall garnered some more praise and column inches along with lengthy and positive writeups for two other Broken20 labelmates at – grab yourself a bevvy and a comfy chair then check out the feature here.

If you’re more into listening than reading about music, then a new unreleased track of mine got given an airing by Uncharted Audio’s Kone-R on his weekly radio show for Future Music. The show was back in January but can be heard via the archive here. (My track, Afterdark, drops around the 73 minute mark). Kone-R’s show is weekly on Wednesday 8-10pm and covers a broad range of electronic goodness that’s definitely worth you checking out.


Late Off The Mark

As anyone who knows me in real life will tell you, punctuality isn’t really one of my strongpoints. So, it seems unsurprising then, that I finally get round to welcoming in the new year and composing a ‘best of’ list several weeks after most other people!

I was initially planning to put the list up here but then I changed tack and incorporated the list into a post I did over at the ill-ec-tro-nic, a blog I used to co-run in a previous life. I’d been planning a Nanorhythm-related update there anyway and it seemed more appropriate to put such a list up there.

If you’ve any interest in seeing a brief roundup of my fave records from last year, you can check it out here.

Nothing major to update on the Nanorhythm front at the present time – I gave my Soundcloud a little tidy the other week, am currently sprucing up some old tracks that I’m planning to give away as a nice little freebie sometime soon (watch this space) and will then be focusing on making some new stuff.

So, happy 2012 and catch up soon.

It’s Here!

Nanorhythm - Beyond The Green Wall (B20_04)

Nanorhythm - Beyond The Green Wall (B20_04)

After a very long time in the making, my debut released finally dropped yesterday!

As if that wasn’t momentous enough, Boomkat gave it a super-nice review, describing it as “an impressive debut…with a synth motif to die for”. They also put it on their recommendations list – chuffed!!!

You can pick it up from Boomkat or direct from the Broken20 store as well as other digital retailers (Amazon, iTunes, Zero”, Juno – although distribution issues mean it’s not currently available from some of these quite yet!).




Further Beyond…

Nanorhythm - Further Beyond The Green Wall

Nanorhythm - Further Beyond The Green Wall

So with less than a week to go before I become an officially released artist, a tidy little companion set of remixes has just come out on Broken20.

Further Beyond The Green Wall, contains four alternative versions of my tracks from the EP proper; one new remix by me plus two from B20 mainstays Production Unit and Erstlaub and one from future B20 artist Kwaidan.

All of the versions are rather tasty and the really good thing is that the EP is totally FREE so head on over here and grab yourself a copy.

Debut Release (Preview)

After several, somewhat frustrating, false starts, my debut release is finally due to come out soon (November 21st I believe).

Dropping on TVO‘s Broken20 imprint, Beyond the Green Wall, contains two tracks from me plus three rather tasty remixes – one from Spatial plus two from TVO.

You can preview the release below.

Nanorhythm – Beyond the Green Wall (Preview):

A Mix

So this mix came out several months ago but as I’m just starting to put these pages together I figured it was worth putting it up here too.

It’s a podcast I did for Broken20 and basically it showcases my love of stripped down warehouse-friendly techno.

Nanorhythm – Bunker Funk (Broken20 Podcast):

You can check out the rest of the Broken20 podcast series here.